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Minako looked the idol over with a curious look, her hand resting on her chin in deep thought. “Rise… Rise… I know that name…”. She continued to think for a few seconds before her eyes lit up with sudden realization. “You were on something! A.. a poster? No, a commercial! That’s it!”

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Wow, would you look at all those followers!

I’d like to thank you all for following me, despite the obvious inactivity as of late. With all this free time I’m really going to try and, well…. be active.

OOC: Well, I did it! Finally my life-long dream of Rping on Tumblr has been realized! Now if only I wasn’t scared out of my wits…. ah but yes, this is an independent Rp account for Minako. It’s really more just for fun, and I’m really up for anything, so feel free to say hi or talk, or whatever you kids do these days.